Luxury Photography of West Michigan
by Sandy Prints Photography

Luxury Photography of
West Michigan
by Sandy Prints Photography

Let's Chat!

Let's Chat!

Be Bold. Be New. Be Inspiring. Be You.

Be Bold. Be New.
Be Inspiring. Be You.




preparing your studio experience

We discuss your session and photography visions.
We build a connection and relationship with you!
We evaluate your current relationship with yourself. 

We create a unique plan for your own luxury experience and capture lasting images that portray you in a way you've never seen 
A new appreciation for yourself is formed. Experience seeing yourself captured in ways you don't normally get to see. Create a new relationship with yourself by way of photography. Cherish amazing images forever!


Examples of self empowerment through photography can be seen in way of boudoir and body image, it can be your children feeling pride that their family put pictures of them up on the wall or it can be as simple as seeing yourself in a new way or for a first time like some High School Seniors do when they go through their first photography experience!
No matter the style or type of photography, we aim for the experience to be a luxurious, enjoyable and lasting one. And most importantly, we hope for this experience to bring change and better someone's personal view of themselves!

What I Do

Your Experience is Important to Us!

Inquire today to see what your luxury experience might look like. We would love to hear about your story and what goals you might have for your photography!

How you can do it too

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Read More About Me..

Along my path of photography I was happy with the positive impact my work had created in my clients but I remembered my own negative experiences with photography and still felt like those experiences were more powerful. This bothered me and I really wanted to figure out how to make the positive impact of photography stronger!  I dug deep within myself as a woman who has battled insecurities her whole life and asked myself what actions through photography could change these negative thoughts and feelings. Shortly after, I began my research into Boudoir Portraiture and once the first session happened, it was like everything just clicked into place! The session had a natural flow and was full of love, life and passion. The impact and awe it had on the client was the exact reaction and empowerment I had been looking for. So although I do still shoot other genres of photography, I can 100% say I have found my true passion in my art by empowering and inspiring women through boudoir!

My Passion

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Sandy Prints Photography is a full service photography company. I take care of my clients from the moment they first book, and all the way to when they take home their wall art or albums. My shooting focus during your session is one part; for your memories, and one part; for your artwork design. The majority of my clients come to me planning to order and design their personal wall portraits or fill a timeless album from their photography experience. Most of our products are archival in quality and have a lifetime guarantee. We offer many options for investing and many options to cherish your captured images.


I am in the business of building clients better relationship with themselves by way of self empowerment and self love with their own Luxury Photography Experience.

I am a mom, a wife and a friend to many. I am also an autism mama and I couldn't love it more as my son helps to bring more passion into this world! 
I too struggled many many years with self esteem issues, guilt and after effects of abuse. No one should live a single day in this world without loving themselves fully and without truly appreciating the amazing soul that they are!

So.. this is why I have now dedicated my life to empowering and inspiring woman just like you and I to take back ownership of their persona and this life!

You are a total Rockstar and you deserve the life changing experience of a boudoir session. See yourself in a new light and allow the chance to fall deeper in love with yourself again!


Kristina Dekraker

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Become a woman comfortable in her own skin

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