Engagement Sessions! And why they should be on your wedding To-Do List!

Getting engaged can be such an exciting time. And most couples instantly start thinking about all those amazing wedding details. We want to show you 4 reasons why an engagement shoot should make it to the top of your wedding to-do list.


Unless you are one of the smaller percent of people who find themselves in front of a lens often, you may find yourself to be a little camera shy or nervous about taking professional pictures! This is completely normal and what better way to shake those nerves than a session of beautiful images with the love of your life!

Look at this photo shoot as a rehearsal session for your wedding day. And as a plus you get to see professional images of yourselves for the first time!


The next is a plus for both the photographer and the couple. Doing an engagement shoot allows you a chance to really get to know your photographer.A good photographer really wants you to have a great experience every time you’re in front of a camera, not just have a basic service.

And what better way to accomplish this than to get to know their clients as well!
We want to know about how you met, what you do, what your passions are and all about your excitements for your big day. The idea is for you to be as comfortable as possible during your time together so you can have some truly glamorous shots in your natural


An engagement shoot can give you an opportunity to capture some new romance or even a chance to reconnect an old romance to something of significance to you.

Popular ideas for engagement shoots is to capture shared interests, favorite spots or even where you first met. Your engagement photos should hold as much significance and memory as what your wedding photos will give you.


Last but not least, think of the gorgeous photos you will have after your session. These images could be used for Save the Dates or even Wedding Invitations if desired. They’ve already been processed professionally so they are ready to go in what ever pre-wedding needs you have.

Engagement session or not, the most important thing is for you to make sure every step of your wedding process is enjoyable. If you ask anyone who has planned a wedding, they can tell you there will always be some pre-wedding stress when it comes to planning. Take advantage of some fun time together as a couple before you get too in-depth in planning and stress!

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