A Bride’s Greatest Wish!

This beautiful couple had SUCH a heartfelt story for their day!

The bride’s father had been diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks prior to the wedding and I’m sure the family as a whole was devastated at such news. Her father ended up having emergency surgery a week prior and this bride’s greatest wish was for her father to be healthy of course, but to ultimately walk her down the aisle as she say’s “I do” and becomes one with her groom to be. They all were saddened by the thought, that he more than likely wouldn’t make it to the wedding. BUT.. this dad was determined! He was not going to miss his little girls big day and he recovered enough to be released from the hospital.. just in time!

They were all so excited by the news. It was a true blessing to them all. This beautiful bride and her father did a first look together and he even wore special socks that she gave him. They said “Dad. Special socks for a special walk” How cute is that right?!
There were many moments during their day, that I couldn’t hold back the tears. Wedding Photography is my job yes… but why I do it, is more than that! I left a full time job ordering people around and having to take ALL emotion out of what I did so NOW, I can put 100% of it into my clients, my work and telling their stories from such special occasions!

I couldn’t be more proud to share this story with you. I truly care for my clients, and seeing their love and happiness fills me with joy! I was so proud and honored to be a part of their day and to hear how ecstatic the bride was when she received the moments we captured together of herself, her father and her family as they celebrated in so much joy on that day.

These are the types of weddings that leave a lasting imprint on my heart. It doesn’t even feel like work while I’m there because I am just so into the moments as they come and am happy to capture it ALL for them. This is the bride’s favorite photo from their wedding day! It just gleams with love and passion, as everyone in the photo is showing heartfelt smiles.

Are you ready for an experience from a photographer that LOVES to soak it all in! Because , I’m so ready to hear about your love story and what makes you, you!

Photos by Sandy Prints Photography | www.sandyprintsphotography.com

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