Ms. J’s Boudoir Session

Boudoir Portrait

This bride-to-be had an awesome boudoir session filled with so much laughter, sarcasm and also just pure excitement!

The nerves were seriously there in the beginning and like many, Ms. J was also unsure about what the ‘boudoir experience’ entailed. But when it was all said and done, she wouldn’t take it back because her session left feeling so awesome about herself, pumped for the reveal and to get to share their amazing images with her soon to be husband!

So in the beginning of this process, Ms. J and I met and were planning this session in secret. She wanted it to be a surprise for her soon to be husband. But excitement got the best of her and she just could hold it in! Spilling the bean worked out great for her experience though. We met in person one day and soon to be hubby was there and we all talked about boudoir sessions in general and what Ms. J’s expectations were. Her hubby was seriously her biggest cheerleader. It just melted my heart and I was so excited for both of them!

Boudoir portrait

Wardrobe planning during the session is important!

During the boudoir session, we did a handful of different sets and wardrobe options. We try and stick to the clients favorite outfit to be last and for the outfit they are most comfortable in first. This helps work into your session and allow you to shake the nerves naturally instead of pushing through the awkward feelings. The goal is for every client to be comfortable 100% during their session!

boudoir pose on chair

Ms. J rocked this session like the Rockstar she is! At one point I stopped so I could show her a sneak peek at the images on the back of my camera. She was like “oh my goodness!” Its always so much fun to watch client transform in from of your eyes. We are so hard on ourselves every single day and sometimes we need to be reminded how awesome we really are!

Topless boudoir portrait

The final set!

We finished off Ms. J’s boudoir session with a topless set and she killed it! We designed one of our client favorite books, our little black book, at her reveal and it was an amazing gift for her husband! Albums do make great gifts for others but I think Ms. J is going to be grateful to have that book to look back on herself from time to time!

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