Mama K’s Boudoir Session

It’s said time and time again and today, we’re here to show you that age is really just a number!

Mama K proves that beauty shines through at every age with her own boudoir session. She killed her session and had so much fun in the process!

Mama K had been wanting to do a boudoir session for a really long time! It had always been one of those things on the long bucket list. In the last year, Mama K’s life has changed a lot. After many many years of weight struggle, health struggles and more, she finally made a permanent life change towards a better and healthier life! She has lost a total of 60+ pounds and feels better than she has in so many year! A life change like this is truly something to celebrate and I’m so glad we got to celebrate by way of a boudoir session!

A Few Images From Her 1st Session Set!

Wardrobe planning is a huge part of laying out the flow of a boudoir session! Every one of us have things about our bodies that we don’t love 100%. Picking lingerie or wardrobe options that fit us correctly, and flatter our body type is important. But just as important, is planning the order in which we shoot your selected outfits. We plan your favorite piece last and your piece your most comfortable in first. This allows you to warm up and shake off the nerves while we help pose your body in different positions.

boudoir portrait through greenery

The Boudoir Session Workout!

Did you know that working through your boudoir session and posing continually will feel similar to a workout?! But a fun one, don’t worry! We try and warn our clients ahead of time that they may be a bit sore the next day. We push the body a lot when it comes to posing. We say if it bends, we will bend it! The human body has so many natural beautiful curves. We just put the body in positions that give every “body” a slimming beautiful effect. We create empty space, elongated necks and those flattering curves in the back all by positioning the body in correct ways!

Mama K had so much fun and her images turned out beautifully! She should be very proud of the accomplishments she has made this last year and what better way to celebrate than with a boudoir session.

Enjoy a Few More From Her Final Set!

So what’s holding you back? Are you ready to capture your beauty and see yourself in a new light?
We constantly put ourselves last in our lives and we can even get lost. I know I’ve been there in the feeling of losing myself. Fall in love with yourself again, value and hold your beauty up high! We are all amazing beautiful women no matter what differences. Sometimes we just need a little reminding!

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