Are You Guilty of Living A Life of Constant Self-Comparison?

Why do we look at our own self-worth the way that we do and where do our crazy expectations of ourselves and our expectations of others come from? I’ll give you a hint; it has a lot to do with self-comparison!

Last week we talked about identifying our self-value and this week we are digging in to why we feel ‘almost programmed’ to feel unworthy!
Our culture and society are some of the biggest influences on our self-worth. They seem to set the bar on what’s expected to be quote-on-quote normal.

Beauty Standards

It is shown every day in the media, on our social platforms and from our surrounding peers what the world’s beauty expectations look like. We see what various items and people we should be valuing over what we shouldn’t. And, we constantly look to others and we compare ourselves to create a sort of status. Its a constant cycle of self-comparison! The sad reality is that we are actually comparing oranges to apples every time we do this. (Meaning, we are not making fair comparisons!)

We know we are doing it, but we also feel as if we can’t help it at times. There is some truth to the feeling of no control. We’ve compared ourselves to others for so long that it has become almost hard wired into our brains to do so.

These constant thoughts create a chain reaction of negative emotions towards ourselves. These emotions show up sometimes as guilt, despair and sometimes even self-contempt toward ourselves. The ‘status’ we create is never enough in comparison to whom or what we are comparing ourselves to. We know we are creating an unfair contrast of ourselves which then fabricates emotions of worthless-ness and at times self-betrayal.

Your Self-Comparison Take Away Challenge!

Stop self-comparison at its roots! So lets take a closer look at all the ways we compare ourselves in our everyday life. The goal is to understand these unfair fabrications we create. We can then identify specific habits and influences to change and hopefully stop the cycle. I am challenging you this week to forgive yourself for unfair comparisons that you’ve made and accept yourself for who you really are. Challenge the way you think by taking one little step every day. Release yourself from constant self and social comparison and continue on a path of self-acceptance. I hope for you to eventually find self-love and see your value in yourself!

"You are always worthy!" Quote
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